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Client Testimonials


“The Lotus Sound Bath experience is like none other. It is part relaxation, part trance, part transport, part grounding. I highly recommend it if you are looking to reconnect or bond with your partner. The effects of relaxation and centering last longer than my normal yoga highs or massage calm. A true gem of an experience here in Albuquerque!”



“If you have ever experienced a sound bath before, get ready, the experience with Douglas will be quite different. In fact, my experience with his work felt more like a full immersion baptism than a sound bath. It was more than an auditory experience, it was palpable both physically and emotionally. It did some deep, cellular level rearranging and created an opening that has surprised me. This is healing work that we all need to experience, I will be back for more.
With much reverence for your gift and skill.”



"I discovered Lotus Sound Bath recently and I’ve been telling all my friends about it ever since. I think it would benefit everyone. It’s a relaxing and pleasant experience. I’ve been listening to unique live music played on singing bowls and gongs, feeling the vibrations generated by these surprising instruments, laying on a yoga mat while my mind clears away all worries and concerns, meditating freely in a pleasant, secure environment. I believe it stimulates my brain as I hear the sounds float gently in one ear, then the other. The result is that this experience lifts my spirits and improves my sleep quality, reduces anxious thoughts for a couple of days afterward. I have attended four Lotus sound baths now and the effect is the same each time, even with small or larger groups and in different acoustic environments. There are sound baths now becoming very popular in other states. I feel that Lotus Sound Bath is a big step above the others because Douglas Cardwell is a talented musician, both skilled and educated. The difference is that although the sounds are always meditative and not in any way disturbing or distracting to participants, it is always entirely pleasant in tonality, often with subtle dual vibrations and tones and there are fascinating nuances in every performance. I encourage others to surrender their thoughts for an hour to the lovely and unique experience of a Lotus Sound Bath."

Mary G.


"So far, I have attended one sound bath at the Lotus studio and one at Badlands Yoga. Douglas is warm, welcoming, and highly skilled at creating a safe, soothing environment, leading you through the bath to release mind chatter, and creating waves of nuanced sound that wash through your energetic and physical bodies. A deeply grounding and restorative practice, I highly recommend a sound bath with Douglas if you want to slow down and mindfully reconnect to the now moment."

J. Baca


"I have been twice (so far) and both were unique experiences. It is hard to describe or do justice to this experience. The sound of the bowls and gongs, and the layering of the sounds creates a soothing, cleansing wave through the body. I came out so relaxed and recharged. You have to experience it to appreciate the experience."

Brian W.


"So amazing session last night. I have such great energy today, and such great mood. Thank you so much for your dedication to helping people heal!!"

Jamie H.


“Thank you so much Lotus Sound Bath (Douglas) for creating such beautiful evocative sound, and for making your studio such a safe place to experience and explore. It was wonderful and you are a gift!”

Nancy H.


“Prior to the sound bath, I had many stiff muscles from doing eight hours of physical labor removing a tree from our yard. The stiffness all over my body reminded me how rare it is for me to do work like that. Now walking out of the sound bath, everything feels balanced, and no muscles are gripping. Truly a beautiful experience. What’s fascinating about the experience of the sound bath is every time is unique. Prior to my Lotus Sound Bath, I had experienced probably five other baths. This time what I noticed was how it seemed like left ear was hearing tones different from the right ear. It was as if my consciousness was a movie screen and 1/2 of the screen displayed various purple diamond shapes while the other was filled with gently rolling hills colored in hues of orange and red and gold. Last summer, after 10 hours thru 2 airports and lots of delays, I landed in the Miami airport around 1:30am. Fortunately, I had the Lotus Sound Bath on the Bandcamp app. Buds in my ears and prostrate on my mat, the sound bath carried me thru the darkest hour of the night. Remarkably, afterwards I was able to relax until the first coffee vendor opened at 5am. And upon arriving at my final destination later that day, I needed no additional rest to recuperate from a literal sleepless night. Thank you Lotus Sound Bath.”

Tracy N.


“Lotus was my first sound bath experience and it was both unique and engaging. At one point, my body felt weightless and my mind was drifting during my relaxation session. Mr. Cardwell is both a talented musician and guide who asked questions and listened intently before and after the session to ensure I enjoyed my sound bath and got the most out of it. I can’t wait to return!”



"It is hard to describe the energy I was feeling during my first Lotus Sound Bath.  The vibration of the sounds went through me, as if they were not external at all but internal.  I was left with a feeling of complete relaxation and well-being that completely permeated body and soul."



“I had my first Lotus Sound Bath tonight and it was amazing! I am a health care worker on the front lines of this pandemic and have been under an incredible amount of stress. My sound bath was so relaxing and calming - a much needed pause from the daily pressures of life. After my Lotus Sound Bath, I feel relaxed and peaceful. I highly recommend treating yourself to a Lotus Sound Bath if you are needing some peace and comfort.” 



"I found Douglas and his Lotus Sound Bath studio while looking for a way to feel calmer after a recent intense personal event. I had never had a sound bath but intuitively felt drawn to it so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! My experience with Douglas was far beyond anything I could have expected. First, he made me feel totally welcome and comfortable. He has created a beautiful space that’s ideal for relaxing and opening up. I have tinnitus so Douglas went through all his instruments to determine what notes and at what volumes he could safely play for me. Then what occurred when he played was transformative for me. Gentle yet powerful, it went beyond being enjoyable, although it was very much that, too. It was truly a spiritual experience that allowed me to release some chaotic energy and replace it with joy and light. Douglas is a sensitive, loving spirit and an extremely gifted and skilled musician, and (lucky us!) he is now using his skills to help others heal. If you have never experienced a sound bath I would strongly encourage you to give yourself this gift. It’s like a massage for the soul."



"In the midst of chaos, Douglas brought calm healing energy that can only be described as pure light. Although we practiced social distance, the collective healing could be felt by each and everyone who attended the Sound Bath this evening like a warm hug. In spite of the outside noise, Douglas coaxed beautiful waves of pure healing sound from the crystal singing bowls and gongs. The birds sang in tune and the leaves on the trees seemed to dance to the vibrations. It was like a cocoon of safety. With all that is happening today, the gift he gave us was priceless. Thank you, we will do this again soon. Our group was truly grateful and so very blessed by our experience."



Corporate Testimonials


"I had Douglas come and play for my clients at my wellness center, and everyone was amazed by the experience- which is truly hard to describe. My clients stated that they felt the energy move through their bodies, they felt the release of old injuries, deep relaxation, meditation, activation of their pituitary glands, and transportation into the cosmos. What a gift to experience Lotus Sound Bath. And Douglas is truly kind, thoughtful, and professional. I highly recommend it!"

Amanda, owner - ALA Bio-Energetic Treatment


“After spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to bring my team together in a way that supported our sense of togetherness while at the same time providing a break from the constant engagement that our work requires, I ultimately settled on a Lotus Sound Bath session. I was first amazed by how serene the studio was. The atmosphere felt very relaxing, calming and perfectly welcoming with everything we needed to make ourselves comfortable. The session itself was soothing and we all talked later about how it stimulated our ability to rest and how deeply we were able to relax. It felt so good to bring my team together in this way and to offer the gift of rest and healing. We felt more connected to each other simply by being! Thank you Douglas, we will see you again!”

Chasity, owner - Desert Lotus Yoga


“It has been an incredible gift to have Douglas Cardwell come to Nirguna Yoga and offer such a profound form of healing to our community. His complete mastery over the medium of sound and the sacred space has created life altering experiences for those who were blessed to attend. Everyone left feeling uniquely transformed, feeling restored, relaxed, and calm - both mentally and physically. The effects lasting long after the evening ended. We recommend the experience for anyone who is in need of deep relaxation, which is basically everyone! Douglas will take you on a journey into his world of sacred sound and it will change you!”

Kendra, owner - Nirguna Yoga


“I recently held a Lotus Sound Bath at The Salt Cave, which was truly an amazing experience. The soothing sounds of the crystal singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments created a sense of calm and relaxation that I'd never felt before. The vibrations from the instruments seemed to wash away any stress or tension in my body and mind, leaving me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Douglas was knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the practice, which added to the overall positive energy of the session. I highly recommend the Lotus Sound Bath to anyone looking to unwind and connect with themselves on a deeper level. It truly was a transformative experience.”

April, owner - The Salt Cave ABQ


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