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With multiple certifications in sound healing, master percussionist and former Principal Timpanist for the New Mexico Philharmonic, Douglas Cardwell brings 30 years of experience as a professional musician and teacher to the realm of sound immersion, meditation and healing.

Hosting a Sound Immersion Session

Sound Immersion sessions are scheduled like other classes or events. New and Full Moon dates and Solstice and Equinox dates are especially popular and well attended. Most sessions require less than 2 hours on your class schedule and can be held as frequently as is appropriate for your clientele. The minimum session size is 15 people, which requires 600 square feet to accommodate 15 mats for your clients as well as the Lotus Sound Bath instruments.

The Lotus Sound Bath experience attracts a diverse audience and is popular for corporate events and private, staff-only sessions, which is an excellent way to relax with Sound Immersion in your own space for the first time. Private event fees are negotiable depending on the unique characteristics of the event and venue.

Let your clients experience the phenomenal benefits of Sound Immersion from Lotus Sound Bath on body and mind: increased focus and concentration, physical recovery, relaxation and tranquility of mind, better sleep, decreased pain, lower blood pressure, and more. 


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These wellness providers are working in collaboration with Lotus Sound Bath to serve and hold space for the community. Please click below to find out more about their unique services.


Blak Gold Wellness Lounge



Golden West Acupuncture and Wellness


Lumen Optimal Wellness



Vendresca Aesthetics




Lotus Sound Bath
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